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Why does the whale come out a water fountain?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Why does the whale come out a water fountain? .This is what we will get a full answer about through the following and via, where the whale is one of the largest animals on the planet, and is the largest at all.

It has several features that distinguish it, and about the scientific reason for the fountain coming out of the water we talk about in this report, which includes a set of information about the whale.

Why does the whale come out a water fountain?
whale fountain

Why does the whale bring out a water fountain?

There is a reason that results in this characteristic of the whale, which is the exit of a quantity of water that comes out of an opening known as the breath hole, and the reason for this fountain of water is the following mentioned in the following points:

The exit of the water is in the form of a fountain, from the breath, which is an opening at the top of the whale's body.

The exit of water is with the air released by exhalation.

Exhaled air is loaded with carbon dioxide from the lungs.

During the whale's breathing process, which takes place only above the surface of the water, it produces that fountain that only occurs during the whale's inhalation of air in the inhale and then out again.

During one breath of the whale during exhalation, it can largely get rid of carbon dioxide, and it also gets rid of about ninety percent of the total volume of air in the lungs.

The water comes out from the top of the whale's head, and it has a jetting hole from which the water sleeve that forms during its exit forms the view of the fountain.

What is the classification of whales?

  • A scientific classification of whales has been found, which we will explain in a full report through the following in the following points: Whales have been classified into two groups, the first being the baleen whales, and the other toothed whales.

  • Baleen whales are among the largest in terms of size.

  • The mouth of baleen whales contains a number of plates estimated at hundreds, and the whale uses them to filter the whale's food while eating it.

  • The female baleen whale is larger in size than the male.

  • The baleen whale is one of the most prominent characteristics of the whale species that prefers to be isolated from its own world.

  • Baleen whales gather during migration for feeding and foraging for suitable food species.

  • One of the most distinctive features of the baleen whale is that it has two air holes, which help it breathe well.

baleen whale species

There is a group of whales that belong to baleen whales, the most prominent of which are the following in the following points:

  • Blue whale type.
  • Fin whale.
  • Humpback whale type.
  • Sai whale.
  • Postal whale.
  • Common mink.
  • Arched head.
  • Antarctic whale.
  • North Atlantic whale.
  • Right quiet whale.
  • The southern right whale.
  • Right pygmy whale.

Toothed whale type

It is the other group of whales, and it has many features that distinguish it, and make it different from the first group, which is the baleen whales, and the most important information about them is the following:

  • Toothed whales have sharp, strong teeth in their mouths that are used when capturing and attacking prey.
  • The type of toothed whale is known as sea lions.
  • The toothed whale is smaller than the baleen whale.
  • The male whale is larger than the female whale.
  • The jetting hole is just one aperture at the top of the toothed whale's head.
  • The toothed whale is one of the most famous whales belonging to the dolphin, the porpoise.

Common types of toothed whale

The toothed whale includes a number of the most famous species of whales in the marine world, and this is what we will learn about through this following report:

  • Sperm whale type.
  • Dwarf whale.
  • White whale.

Information about the adaptation of the whale to its marine environment

We get acquainted with the most important information about the whale, and its way of adapting well to the marine environment, in order to be able to live, and through the following we explain the most important information about the adaptation of the whale:

  • The whale is among the species of aquatic mammals that breathe oxygen in the air.
  • God Almighty love whales the ability to adapt through the characteristics they possess.
  • The whale is able to dive to the depths of the sea, and it can also float to the surface in order to breathe. A whale's diving period may reach about one hundred and twenty continuous minutes under the sea, like the sperm whale type.
  • The volume of the lungs represents only three percent of the total volume of the whale's body and the area of ​​its internal cavity.
  • The whale's body contains a large amount of oxygen.
  • Hemoglobin is about sixty percent, which is twice the amount of hemoglobin found in human blood.
  • A whale's blood volume ranges from ten to twenty percent of the whale's total body size.
  • The concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is present in a large proportion in the muscles, which makes the whale's body able to adapt to its aquatic environment, and is able to dive for a longer period.
  • A whale can store about thirty-five percent of the amount of oxygen in the body, and it is used to supply the whale's brain with it.
  • The presence of alveolar sacs in the whale's lungs to increase their surface area and thus accommodate more air for breathing.