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traits of a male wolf with his wife

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

It came in old stories and novels that the wolf is a fierce animal, as its name has become associated with fear and panic, but in this article we will learn through the ksetliv website about the characteristics of the wolf with his wife, and you will be very surprised when you learn about those qualities.

characteristics of a wolf with his wife
the wolf

Characteristics of the wolf with his wife

  • One of the characteristics that distinguishes the wolf is his extreme loyalty to his wife, as he is very loyal to her.
  • The female wolf is also loyal to her husband, and he does not marry another or marry anyone else until the death of one of them.
  • Also, some wolves hold mourning for a period of up to 3 months, and sometimes up to a year.
  • And some wolves commit suicide after the death of the other party, whether the deceased was the husband or the wife.
  • Among the characteristics of the wolf is his extreme loyalty to his wife, whom he chooses and admires to be the leader of the herd, which is headed by her leader husband.

The law of the herd of wolves in marriage

  • The law of the pack of wolves is very organized, and is characterized by the firmness that stems from their personality. When wolves want to marry, they must leave the pack and look for another mate from a different place.
  • Since wolves do not marry their kin, they are just like human beliefs.
  • After the wolf chooses his wife from another herd, a new territory is designated for them to form a new family.
  • The title of the son of the wolf is also the righteous son, in relation to the hardships he endures towards his parents, especially when they reach advanced stages of life and cannot keep up with the herd of wolves.
  • Where one of them prefers to stay inside his den, and here comes the role of the righteous son in carrying out their task and he goes to hunt prey and provide food for them.
  • The wolf is also generally distinguished by its strong intelligence, strength of character and ferocity, and is characterized by its frightening speed in catching its prey and its ability after that to determine its type, whether it is male or female.
  • The female wolf is also characterized as being more brutal and dangerous than the male, as she can prey on anything that can approach her or her children's burrow, whether it is a human, animal or livestock.
  • In addition to its speed in pursuit, unless it jumps in a circular motion to pounce on its prey, in this case the female wolf may not be able to catch up with its prey.
  • Since its spine is straight, it cannot turn around its prey.

Characteristics of the life of a herd of wolves

  • The wolf is a family of lions and a descendant of kings, and it does not eat carrion.
  • It is more surprising that the wolf when it is born is blind and deaf, but it has a very strong sense of smell, as it has about 200 million cells in which it smells.
  • It is also distinguished that it learns after its birth everything related to the way of life of wolves, and the mother wolf relies on an organized method through the type of prey and prey.
  • In addition, the types of food that you eat or do not eat at all.
  • The system of walking in the caravan of wolves is characterized by the fact that the elderly or sick are at the front and number three.
  • They precede the herd in order to limit the speed of their movement, and there is a distance between them and the rest of the herd, and the reason for their progress over the rest is to sacrifice themselves in a time of danger.
  • In the stern the rest of the herd walked, being guarded from behind by five strong others.
  • And the wolf that walks behind them and is the last of them is their chief, as he directs the herd and controls their path, and protects them in the event of any sudden attack or aggression.