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Information about black chicken breed

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Poultry farming

Poultry is raised in private farms for local and commercial purposes, where it can be benefited by using its feathers, meat and eggs in many consumer foods and industries.

The word poultry includes chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, which are taken care of on farms by feeding them with essential minerals to produce their meat and eggs of high quality protein.

Information about black chicken breed
black chicken

In addition, they are examined to ensure that they are free of diseases that affect poultry and harm humans when fed on them. Chickens are the most common and consumed poultry around the world, as they began to be raised in huge numbers in the early twentieth century, and these farms bred hundreds of breeds.

And this article will talk about one of the rare breeds that are bred, the black chicken breed.

black chicken

What is meant by black chicken is not black-feathered chicken, but this breed of chicken is black in color in its flesh and bone, and it is very rare to find this chicken in European markets, but it can be found in Asian markets, and this chicken is characterized by its thick white feathers, body and very black flesh, and it can be found Especially in India, China and Southeast Asia.

He was able to gain the interest of many gourmets to see the difference in taste between common chicken compared to the taste of black chicken, and some farms in the United States tried to produce large numbers of it, but the result was chicken meat completely devoid of flavour.

Genetic characteristics of black chicken

All vertebrates have a specific gene called endothelin 3, and this gene is what controls skin color, and activation of this gene in a certain proportion secretes melanin, which colors the skin, but in black chickens, the melanin pigment is never secreted in the feathers, but in the skin occurs what is called By excessive pigmentation, it produces tens of times the amount of melanin pigment that is secreted in the normal chicken body. Genetic engineering scientists have studied the reason for this genetic behavior; They found that it was due to a specific genetic mutation.

It is worth noting that this mutation does not do any harm to the chicken's body or its important vital processes. On the contrary, this trait has given black chickens great protection for farmers, sellers and consumers.

It was first mentioned in 1298 AD by Marco Paolo while traveling to Asia, and he described it as a black chicken with cat-like hair and laying high-quality eggs. Scientists have tried, through genetic modifications, to produce a large number of them, but they needed to produce four strains to get a black chicken. One that matches the original ones.

black chicken benefits

After referring to traditional Chinese medicine, black chicken is an important treatment for many gynecological diseases, in addition to its importance for children and the elderly as well. It can be eaten by boiling it and making soup from it, with the addition of a little seaweed.

This chicken also contains an excellent proportion of minerals, especially iron, and contains less fat than regular chicken.

It is also rich in antioxidants, especially carnosine, which is good in strengthening immunity, muscles, and supporting the stability of the nervous system.