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The most expensive dog in the world

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

The 10 most expensive dogs in the world

The most expensive dog in the world, the dog is the best friend of the human being, many may resort to trying to adopt a dog from the shelter of dogs, and take good care of them.

But if you have the desire to buy a purebred dog, and train it to be entered into dog competitions, then prepare to spend some money, and we will review below through the article the most expensive dog in the world.

The most expensive dog in the world
most expensive dog

1-Czechoslovakian dog

  • This dog is the most expensive dog in the world with a price tag of 1,400 dollars.
  •  It is the result of intercourse between wolves of Carpathian origin, and dogs of German shepherd origin, also called Czechoslovakia.
  • If you have a desire to buy such a dog, you will travel long distances to reach the Czech Republic, because it is only available there.
  • This dog is social, barking, understands body language, resembles a wolf, and is characterized by activity and vitality.

2-greyhound dog

The most expensive dog in the world
greyhound dog

  • Its price is about 2500 dollars. In the Arab Republic of Egypt, this dog is called the royal dog.
  • Because it has been a favorite since the time of the pharaohs for people, because traders and hunters were using these dogs. The Saluki is characterized by having soft fur, a thin and long body, and weighing 25 kilograms.
  • This dog needs a lot of training, and this dog is one of the breeds suitable for people who are active.

3-Peruvian Inca Orchid

  • Priced up to $ 3000, this dog is strange, because it has no fur, but has some hair on its head in addition to its feet.
  •  His skin color is somewhat close to that of chocolate.
  •  Some of these dogs have some dots on their legs, and the weight of this dog ranges from 4 kilograms to 23 kilograms.

4-Bichon Frieze dog

The most expensive dog in the world
Bichon Frieze dog

  • Its price is more than 3000 dollars, and this type of dog is characterized by its rarity and small number.
  • It is shown only every year in dog clubs all over the world.
  • It was bred in the Middle Ages by the kings of Germany and France.
  • The term bichon means "little lion" in German. Its length is about 35 cm, and it weighs approximately 7 and a half kilograms.

5-A zookh dog

  • With a price tag of more than 3000 dollars, this dog is the most expensive dog in the world.
  • It is also one of the few and rare breeds of African origin, and is found in America and Canada.
  • These dogs are characterized by their speed of up to 40 kilometers per second, and this breed is also characterized by its length and brown color.

6-Akita dog

The most expensive dog in the world
Akita dog

  • Its price is about 4,500 dollars. These dogs were used in Hollywood films, which made them very famous in recent times, and they are of Japanese and also American origin.
  • This type of dog has two types: dogs of Japanese origin, and dogs of American origin, which are of Japanese origin.
  • It is characterized by a lot of fur, its head is large, and it lives in cold weather.

7-Rottweiler dog

  • A Rottweiler dog has a price of more than 6000 dollars. This dog was bred by butchers, because he was helping the butcher transport carts loaded with meat from one place to another.
  • It also protects the stores, so it is called the butcher's dog. One of the qualities of this dog is intelligence and strength. It weighs 53 kilograms of grams. It protects its owner, and is never afraid of enemies.

8-Pharaonic hound

The most expensive dog in the world
Pharaonic hound dog

  • Priced at over $6,500, this dog is distinguished by its royal origins.
  • It is also characterized by strength, and has super intelligence, and its color is red, and it weighs about 23 kilograms of grams, while the females are 53 cm long, and the males are 63 cm.

 9-Tibetan mastiff dog

  • With a price tag of more than $700, it is the most expensive dog in the world.
  • This dog is a large breed. It is of Chinese and Nepalese origins. It is 83 cm long and weighs 65 kilograms.
  • It protects homes from wolves and leopards, and is characterized by strength and stubbornness.

10-Samoyed dog

The most expensive dog in the world
samoyed dog

  • Priced between $4,000 and $10,000, this dog is of Siberian origin only.
  • It was also named after the city of Samoyed, and it is characterized by strength and lives in cold weather, and its weight is 27 kilograms.
  • It has anti-allergic hair.