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What is the name of the frog voice?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

frog sound name

Frogs are known as amphibians, and they are distinguished by their prominent eyes and hind legs that enable them to jump and swim, and they also have poisonous skin glands to protect themselves from predatory organisms, and they can also camouflage their body, to ensure their safety when they feel threatened.

What is the name of the frog voice?
the frog

The frog’s sound is known as “chirping”, as male frogs work to release it constantly as if it is an announcement for females about mating, and this is to attract their attention.

Why do frogs make a sound?

The sound of frogs can be heard in the warmer months of the year, specifically in the spring and summer, and in cold times, such as those living in the desert, and this is considered to be a sign of the start of the mating season and the desire to reproduce.

Because each male frog has a specific voice that distinguishes it, the female frog is attracted to and recognizes the sound that suits her. Mating occurs and female frogs lay their eggs in the water, and the small frogs grow either in the water or in nearby wild areas between rocks or on trees.

How do frogs hear sound?

Frogs produce their voice by closing their nostrils, pushing air forcefully from the lungs to the vocal cords in their larynx, and then pushing it through the bronchi to the air sac located under their chin, in which air collects and works in turn, as if a tool to amplify the sound, to be issued by the frog when his readiness.

The frog has an eardrum and an inner ear. The eardrum is located next to its head, just behind the eye, and serves as a protection for its inner ear. The eardrum of a frog acts as an absorbing device for the vibrations of sounds, which you hear specifically in the water that hit its membrane.

The frog's eardrum receives and transmits it through the bones that connect them to the inner ear, and then transfers it to the semicircular canals, then to the cochlea and from there to the papilla, so that it analyzes and discovers the sound in it and determines its source.

frog sound name

It can also be noted that the eardrum of male frogs is larger than that of female frogs, in order to be able to distinguish quiet female voices, know their places and access them, as well as to be able to escape from their competitors, and predatory creatures, and the size of the male eardrum is larger than the size of the eye then, while in In females, the eye is the same size as the eardrum.

Male frogs usually use their voices with high powers to announce the mating season for the females, as they work to release it from their lungs to the air sac and inflate it to reach the largest possible extent, and then the females approach after amplifying the vibrations in their eardrum, and deliver them to the inner parts of the ear in response to the firing males Mating occurs, and females release eggs into the water and develop for reproduction.