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What do you know about the seagull bird ?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Seagull bird

The seagull live near the coast, and there are approximately 40 known species, the biggest weighs 3.5 pounds and incorporates a wingspan of about 55 inches.
it's atiny low head characterised by an extended beak with a red spot on its edge. 

What do you know about the seagull bird ?
seagull bird

This spot is very important in mating and feeding the chicks, and the seagulls have thin legs that are black, brown or red in color, which is that heaviest within the body, and it's adapted to walking on sand and on water furthermore.

dark gray, and therefore the smallest seagulls are brown in most species.

Seagull species

There are many sorts of seagulls that differ in characteristics and size.

the common size of the littlest species of seagull, the tiny seagull, weighs 120 g, while the typical weight of the most important species, the good black-beaked seagull, is about 1.75 kg, and unanimously.

the seagull is one in all the animals they're carnivorous, and that they are intelligent birds capable of learning, remembering, and imitation, and their intelligence appears through various feeding behaviors.

What do you know about the seagull bird ?
the seagull

as an example, they drop hard mollusks on rocks to interrupt them and be ready to eat them, and plenty of other behaviours like following ploughs in fields that they realise the presence of larvae and other food sources in, and amount to Its average lifespan is 10 to fifteen years, and among the foremost famous sorts of seagull are the following:

  • Large black-back gull: Found only within the North Atlantic Ocean, it's the biggest species of seagull, its size is large, with a median length of 30 cm to 76 cm, and is characterized by white and black feathers, and feeds by its beak on shellfish, small birds and enormous fish.
  • European herring gull: The European herring gull is found on the banks, and its length ranges from 25 cm to 64 cm. The adults are bright white with a gray colour covering a part of them. They even have black wings with pale pink feet and white spotted feet..
  • Philadelphia gull: Also called Bonaparte's gull, it ranges from 13 cm to 34 cm long. it's atiny low, pointed beak; pale grey wings; and bright red feet. It also incorporates a black ear spot that's visible in winter, and their heads are black in summer.

Seagull breeding

Usually seagulls are monogamous, but most of them are bi-married for all times, and also the nest is typically built on the grass, on the branches or on the debris.

The seagull incubates the eggs, and after they hatch and also the chicks emerge, the fogeys protect their chicks strongly.

As soon as they feel they're exposed to any threat, they become aggressive in their nesting areas, and mating continues annually within the same nesting places.