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What are pitbull dogs?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed
What are pitbull dogs?

Definition of pitbulls dogs

The pitbulls is defined as a type of dog breed that is characterized by a muscular body, a strong head and short skin.

Examples of this breed are the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the English Bull Terrier with a shoulder width of up to 40 cm, and the origin of its breeding is used in bull-fights baiting.

As for the American pitbull, it is a hybrid and not a purebred dog. The width of this dog is about 50 cm, and its weight is 23 kg. It was crossbred and bred as a watch dog.

What are pitbull dogs?
pitbull dog

The origins of pitbull dogs

The origin of the pitbull breed dates back to the breed of bulldogs in the nineteenth century, which was used by England for the popular sport called bullbaiting.

Bulldogs are leashed dogs, and both sides are seriously injured, so these matches were eventually banned.

Ferocious pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs are considered non-aggressive with humans in general, but they are more ferocious with other dog breeds, and this breed is also characterized by being strong and intelligent animals, and useful in various sports, however, the attacks caused by these dogs led to the ban of the breed in some countries.

which Raising insurance prices and the difficulty of leasing these dogs, while opponents argue that pitbull dogs are more vulnerable to attack, but many other groups and the American Veterinary Medical Association have opposed strict laws for this breed, and indicated in a study that deadly dog ​​attacks did not respond to any consistent data It is reported that this strain is dangerous.

What are pitbull dogs?
pitbull dog

Characteristics of the pitbull breed

The pitbull dog breed is characterized by several characteristics, the most important of which are the following:

  • Strong jaw grip: Pitbull dogs have a strong jaw grip, which is not anatomically different from other types of dogs, but this grip enables him to seize prey or anything through his strong bite.
  • Unpredictable: Pitbulls are widely understood to be friends with their owner, but suddenly turn against him.
  • Enduring large amounts of pain: The Pitbull breed is characterized by being able to tolerate pain, due to the little response to pain that appears during times of excitement and movement, although it is a breed that fears cold and rain.