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Interesting information about husky dogs

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Why was the husky dog ​​called this name?

Husky dogs are named after the indigenous people of the Arctic Eskimo.

Husky dogs have been kept by the Inuit people since 1852 and used to pull sleds on the snow to move in their snowy areas.

Interesting information about husky dogs
Husky dog

Husky dogs are fast in running and able to pull sleds very quickly, they are one of the fastest types of dogs, young Husky dogs are used in sled dogs race due to their strong build and endurance.

Husky dogs can also be kept as pets in homes or in workplaces For guarding, racing or making excursions on sledges drawn by Husky dogs in snow areas.

The physical characteristics of Husky dogs 

One of the most famous types of Husky dogs is the Siberian Husky dog.

It has been moved to live in Alaska since 1909 and has become its home. Among its most prominent characteristics are:

  • Fur: ​​Husky dogs are characterized by having soft and dense fur covering their bodies, and the color of the Husky dog’s fur is mostly gray, black or white.
  • Ears: erect ears
  • Height: The height of the Husky dog ​​is between 51 to 61 cm to the shoulders
  • Weight: It weighs between 16 to 27 kilograms
  • Eyes: They have blue or gray eyes and a distinct look from other dogs
  • Other marks: Some of them have marks on the head, such as a cap, glasses, or mask
  •  General Description: Friendly, gentle and intelligent dogs that love to play with humans, and have maintained the purity of their breeds for hundreds of years.

What is the secret behind the beautiful eyes of husky dogs?

Husky dogs have beautiful blue eyes and an unforgettable look, and many scientists have tried to discover the secret behind those beautiful Husky eyes, and they have worked on a DNA test to explore why they have this color of eyes, and the complete genetic features of dogs were compared and scientists found a disc Genetically, Husky dogs may have blue eyes.

The results of the scientists' research were published in scientific journals by Embark Veterinary, and the researchers tested the DNA of more than 6,000 dogs whose owners knew they had tested.

And because the numbers of the study were very large and the resulting information is also large, the researchers found that the genetic change or genetic mutation located close to the ALX4 gene on chromosome number 18 is closely related to the possession of blue-eyed Husky dogs, as genes have a major role in genetics, according to what he said.

College of Veterinary Geneticist Christopher Izari of Western University of Health Sciences.

How can the original Husky dogs be distinguished from others?

Interesting information about husky dogs
husky dog

In addition to their physical characteristics mentioned, Husky dogs can be distinguished from some of their behaviors; Often dogs put their tails on their faces and noses to get more warmth, especially when sleeping, and this position is often referred to as a Siberian whirl, and the tail is drawn down and low when the dog is relaxed, and curved upwards in the form of a sickle when it is excited or interested in something What.

Husky dog ​​food

Husky dogs are classified among the pets that can be raised in homes and provided with food, and Husky dogs depend on a balanced diet consisting of commercial food that can be bought from shops and raw food as they are carnivores. Husky dogs need food rich in protein that can be obtained from raw red meat and a balanced diet, and a specialized veterinarian can be consulted if you do not know the type of food that can be given to Husky dogs, as unhealthy food can cause diseases for Husky dogs.  It is best to add more fat and protein in the cooler months and if Husky are training for competitions, and reduce the amount of fat and protein in the warm months, Husky also need to drink water at all times.

Husky dogs must be provided with unlimited water in order to maintain their health and keep them always hydrated, especially in the cold winter months, and provide them with water in places they can reach or put a water system for Husky dogs in which the water does not freeze.

Taking care of Husky dogs It is possible to take care of home Husky dogs in an ideal way to keep these animals from getting diseases and to keep them always clean and tidy, because they are friendly pets that are attracted to people and children especially and love to play with them.

Among the things that can be taken into account when taking care of Husky dogs are the following:

Interesting information about husky dogs
husky dog

  • Cleaning the Husky dogs’ fur by brushing regularly, and it is preferable to use a special brush for Husky dogs, as cleaning the dog’s fur helps reduce the amount of falling fur in the house.
  • Washing Husky dogs' fur with soap and water at the appropriate times, and sometimes it is preferable to wash it with special shampoo without using water so that the amount of oil in its skin that protects its body from the sun is not less.
  •  Shaving the Husky's fur as often as needed, as trimming its fur helps regulate its body temperature, and most Husky dogs have a double layer of fur that keeps Including cool in summer and warm in winter.
  •  Husky's undercoat grows after shaving in such a way that the fur is less fine and more tangled, so you shouldn't over trim your Husky's fur.
  • Protect the husky's paws and make sure that they are not damaged from the roughness of the rough ground, especially after exercising or skating, because the husky's paws can burn from hot surfaces or break off from rough surfaces.
  • Inspect Husky's nails to make sure they are not long, as long nails prevent the natural movement of Husky's feet.
  • Make sure that there is no snow in Husky's paws because they have sweat glands in their paws and can freeze from snow and cause skin damage, and dog socks can be used to prevent this from happening.