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golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed

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Information about golden retriever dogs

golden retriever is one of the types of dogs that belong to large breeds, and it is a friendly, athletic, and fun dog, preferring a family atmosphere, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the color of its golden dog fur, which was the reason for its name.

The article refers on site ksetliv to information about Golden Retriever, including:
  • golden retriever dog origin, label, pedigree and breed.
  • golden retriever dog types according to their breed.
  • golden retriever dog specifications.
  • Taking care golden retriever dog in terms of nutrition, hygiene, and mating.
  • Common diseases that the golden retriever dog is exposed to.
  • The difficulties that the owner faces in raising a golden retriever dog.
  • Explain the behavior of a golden retriever dog.
  • golden retriever dog price.

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden retriever dog

golden retriever dog

The golden retriever dog is one of the most popular dogs breeds in the United States. It is a friendly and tolerant dog breed. It is a type of pet dog that has intelligence and acumen. It is used by hunters for tracking, sniffing goods, and has innate agility, competitive obedience, and is easy to train. Golden Retriever dog is in any family or home because they love and defend children, and it is one of the loyal, loving and intelligent types of dogs, and it is called the Golden Retriever.

golden retriever dog origin

A rumor spread for many years that the Golden dog traces its origins to the Russian sheep breed and was bought from the circus at the time, and it was bred in Scotland and its breed was developed by the nobles with the breeding of different breeds of dogs, but the fact is that the Golden Dog was crossed by Lord Tweed Mouth by developing it from the middle of In the late nineteenth century.

where they were bred in the mountains of Scotland as hunting dogs for more than fifty years, and it was known during his upbringing that he was passionate about catching waterfowl, and the Lord's desire for a quality dog ​​and a new breed adapted to the rainy climate and the harsh and rugged terrain of the country, and to be nice at home So, the Lord worked to cross the Golden Retriever with the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, and his breed was classified as golden and yellow.


the Golden Retriever was named by this name; To enable him to easily hunt and retrieve prey from waterfowl to its owner and retrieve it without harming it, but rather holds it between his teeth in a clever way.

Lineage and ancestry

The Golden Retriever dog breed was attributed to Lord Tweed Mouth I as the founder of the breed, starting with his breeding a yellow dog with other types of retrievers in black wavy, and this crossbreed and mating resulted in 4 yellow dogs.

whose lineage extends to the original breed, and yellow retrievers were established in the border provinces In the Scottish mountains, and in 1913 it was recognized as a yellow or golden retriever breed by The Kennel Club, and in 1920 the name of the breed was changed to the Golden Retriever Golden Retriever and was considered its official name, and the golden retriever breed was introduced in 1908, and in 1920 it became Golden dog breed is commonly bred in various homes around the world.

golden retriever types

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden retriever puppies

1- Canadian golden retriever

This type differs from other species, as it has dark golden outer hair, shorter in length, and thinner than other varieties.
The colors of the dogs range in all shades of gold, and there are no dogs in other colors among them; Like the light creamy white color found in other species, the Canadian Golden Dog is characterized by a well-defined broad head, dark-colored and slightly pointed eyes.

As for its length, the average length of males is between 23-24 inches, while the length of females is 21.5-22.5 inches, and the weight of Males weigh between 65-75 pounds, while females weigh 60-70 pounds.

2- British golden retriever

This type is characterized by long, creamy white hair, and thick flat or wavy hair, and they have prominent letters around the neck, while the British Golden is heavier than the Canadian and American type, and has large and wide dark eyes. Of the Canadian variety.

the biggest difference between it and the types of Canadian and British Golden dogs is the hair color that covers its body, the length of the male Golden ranged between 22-24 inches, females ranged between 20-22 inches, males weigh 65-75 pounds, while they weigh Females 50-70 lbs.

3- American golden retriever

It is called the American Golden, it has more agility and less dense muscle mass than its predecessors, and is characterized by its outer coat of hair or wavy feathers in various rich shades of golden hues, and the color of its hair from the outside comes darker than the British variety, and this is the only feature that distinguishes the variety.
The American variety has the color of its hair, its length, its density, and its waves that do not hang on water, in addition to that they also have dense feathers around the neck, thighs, tail, and chest, and has almond eyes that are lighter in color than other varieties, and the American variety is less full than the British variety, except Its size is slightly larger, with the average length of the male being 23-24 inches, while the length ranges between 21-22 inches at the shoulders, as for the weight of the American Golden male ranges between 65-75 pounds, while the weight of females is 55-65.

golden retriever specifications

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden retriever specifications

  • The Golden Dog has a high physical fitness; It is one of the sporting dogs, and is relied upon in exploration, research and hunting trips.
  • It is distinguished by its ability to retrieve prey from waterfowl, or to retrieve water toys that its owner throws at him, without harming the thing he picks up in his mouth.
  • The length of the male Golden Dog differs from that of the female; Males are 23-24 inches in height, while females range from 21.5-22 inches.
  • Male golden dogs differ in weight from females; The weight of males ranges between 65-75 pounds, while the weight of females ranges between 55-65 pounds.
  • The average lifespan of golden dogs is between 10-12 years.
  • It is distinguished by its hair and fur according to its species, and its gradient colors in light or dark golden, and creamy white.
  • It is muscular, medium in size, with a broad head, and short ears.
  • It has smoothness and strength in its gait.
  • There are some varieties characterized by thick hair that covers all their bodies in a straight or wavy form.

golden retriever dog age

The average lifespan of a Golden Dog is 11-12 years, due to its exposure to many diseases, genetic disorders, and other diseases.

golden retriever character

  • The Golden Retriever has a good personality, confident and gentle, attractive, outgoing and strong, and these traits prevent them from being qualified to guard, but they can be family bred dogs with distinction.
  • He is intelligent, eager to please, energetic, playful, and highly trainable.
  • He becomes anxious if left alone for long periods, loves cooperation and sharing, loves company with people, and hates solitude and loneliness.
  • He is confident in his abilities and himself, always alert to what is happening around him.
  • It is classified as a sporty, friendly dog ​​that loves children, and can be a friend of the family.
  • He has great endurance and patience, especially with a difficult-tempered child.
  • He adapts quickly to the environment in which he is placed, loves water and swimming, and prefers to allocate a certain time for him to spend swimming.
  • He strives to master the skills he learns and is keen to practice them.
  • He is characterized by a calm personality, he does not bark much unless he interacts with his owner or feels fired.
  • He has a sensitive personality, has loyalty and loyalty to the person who owns him, and is considered worthy of the trust that his owner gives him.
  • He loves to help people, especially to blind people; It can guide them to follow the roads or keep them away from any potential harm, and this is distinguished by its great ability to run, and its agility.
  • He has many talents; Where he can hunt prey, pick up things and retrieve them to their owner, and participate in search and exploration operations because he has the skill of professional tracking and stalking.
  • He likes to spend time in open spaces, and likes to spend his workouts there by retrieving things.

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golden retriever dog behavior

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden dog behavior

The behavior of the Golden dog is affected by the extent of its external activity, as it is one of the dogs that loves the outdoors, exercise in gardens and wide and open spaces, and loves to walk and run with its owner, and loves to join games in which it is to catch the ball, or retrieve something, so it is supposed to develop his behavior In the right direction and stressing him daily with strong exercises twice a day maximum, for a period ranging between 20-30 minutes.

these exercises will give him activity and vitality and positively affect his behavior, while neglecting exercises and laxity in them may negatively affect his behavior, and he will lose his energy and vitality little by little.

The Golden dog loves to pick up things with its mouth, a behavior rooted in it being a golden retriever breed, and the nature of its mouth is prepared for picking, and its behavior is affected by the extent to which it picks things up, for example, it is happy when it carries in its mouth a water ball, a soft doll, newspaper, or the like.

Caring for a golden retriever

It is supposed to start training a golden retriever puppies at the age of 2-6 months to obey, and they can be trained easily to meet their physical and social needs, explore their instinctive possibilities, and know other dogs they like to play with, and they must be offered a variety of activities; To unload their energies and teach them to be friendly.

with the need to interpret the body language by the owner of the puppy, and they can also be trained to overcome the stage of fear by exposing them to loud sounds, such as lawn mowers, thunderstorms, and training them in unexpected and sudden movements.

especially if the dog is dedicated to caring for children or people with special needs, and the elderly, and teaching them coping skills, with the need to set a schedule for the puppy indicating the rules and limits that he must do within the limits of the house; To be able to live quietly with the family later.

1- Attention to personal care

It is supposed to take care of a golden dog, starting with clipping his nails weekly; It should be short and clean with a special brush several times a week, and also clean their teeth with a special brush to remove the deposits from their teeth.

taking care also to clean the ears, mouth, feet, and tail, and remove dirt and mud that collects between the nails, the general care of Golden dogs reduces infection and distortions, with the necessity of bathing from time to time, and accustoming the puppy or dog to enter the bathroom to bathe with shampoo and water and dry it. Do this step when the dog is a young puppy.

2- Attention in the advanced stages

The dog's hormones change with age, and it may acquire a somewhat strange temperament, and it may go through different phases; If he is quarrelsome or aloof, at this stage he must be subjected to exercise and activities, explore tricks, and adapt to transgress fear behaviors.

3- Pay attention to calories

Some golden dogs at the age of 24 months in particular need to take care of the calories they eat, which helps their growth with the need to exercise, and the weight of the dog must be maintained within the specified estimate for its age.

4- Attention to the medical aspect

The body of the Golden dog must be identified, and any symptoms that it may be exposed to, such as scars, ulcers, or injuries, must be recognized and presented to the veterinary care; In order to avoid other diseases in the future, the dog at the age of two must undergo its own vaccination, and it is worth noting that the care of a Golden Dog puppy in the first two years is enough to determine the parameters of his personality for the rest of his life.

5- Pay attention to exercise

Exercising is the most important way to take care of a Golden Dog, to maintain its health, the more exercise it is, the happier it will be with the need to follow a proper diet as we mentioned earlier.

6- Attention at home

A Golden dog should be placed under surveillance just as you would a small child by closing doors or closing rooms so that you stay away from any troubles, and remove all things that he can pick up in his mouth, and a daily routine of the Golden dog must be maintained to be full of energy so He gets bored, with the need to exploit his intelligence in a lot of work that needs energy and activity; Such as practicing volleyball, swimming, and maintaining the performance of exercises without exaggeration and excessive.

golden retriever Feed

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden retriever

1- Good quality food selection

You must choose complete and balanced food that provides the dog’s needs of the necessary foods to ensure its good health, and buy foods for dogs and large and well-known breeds, and that food includes meat as a first ingredient, and avoid foods that contain grains or by-products, taking into account the dog’s age and choosing the appropriate food for its age For example, small puppies need special food for them, while older golden dogs need food intended for large dogs, and advice can be sought from the veterinarian if there is difficulty in choosing the appropriate food.

2- Choose clean water

The water that the golden dog drinks must be clean, and it is preferable to put it in a suitable place so that it can reach it at all times, taking care to change the water once a day as a minimum, and it is recommended to put water in stainless steel bowls better than ceramic and plastic bowls Because steel is less bacterial and more durable.

3- Adopt a few healthy foods

Some healthy foods must be introduced into the diet of the Golden Dog as a kind of reward, and not rely on them completely so that the dog does not get used to them, and does not gain excess weight; Provided that it includes a set of various options.

Such as sweet potatoes, small carrots, canned green beans, frozen peas, and cranberries, with the need to avoid feeding him some foods consumed by humans, which are considered toxic to him, we show them as follows:

  • avocado.
  • macadamia.
  • Nuts of all kinds.
  • Raisins.
  • grapes.
  • Chocolate.
  • Onions, garlic, and chives.
  • Foods that contain artificial sweeteners.
  • Alcohol.

golden retriever cleaner

  • Fur cleaning: The Golden dogs fur should be cleaned regularly with a brush to reduce hair loss, and it is preferable to use a brush with natural bristles, and a wire brush and comb can be used to detangle, with the need to check the presence of any insects such as fleas and ticks, and check for any scratches, or lumps, or cysts, and if some of them are present, they can be placed under observation; If it does not disappear, it is preferable to present it to the veterinarian, and it is preferable not to shave the golden dog’s fur to protect it from all kinds of weather conditions such as heat and cold.
  • Teeth cleaning: Care must be taken to regularly brush the teeth of the golden dog at a young age; Until he gets used to this being part of his daily routine, with the necessity of checking his teeth regularly, and avoiding the use of human toothpaste because it is toxic to him.
  • Cleaning ears: Golden dog features flexible ears; It is more susceptible to infection, their ears should be cleaned constantly, especially after playing with water or swimming, and the ears should be checked constantly, their ears can be cleaned with a wet piece of cloth not excessively wet by wrapping it around the fingers and wiping the inner part while avoiding the use of cotton buds, and making sure that there is no wax Inside it, and if a large amount of wax accumulates or a foul smell is emitted from his ear, or some secretions come out; It is recommended to show it to a veterinarian.
  • Cleaning the nails: The nails of the golden dog must be taken care of and cut when they become a little long, taking care not to cut them forcefully to prevent bloody bleeding under the nail.

golden retriever dogs mating

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden dog breed

The mating process takes place within a few minutes, ranging between 5-30 minutes; Where the male Golden dog begins to express his desire to mate with the female by wooing her and providing some physical friction and emotional desires between them.

male dogs can mate earlier than the female until she reaches her first year, taking into account that he is not exposed to any health problems, but before the completion of the process of mating and reproduction With a golden dog, a number of things must be taken into account.

As for the female, her age is supposed to be more than the age of the male so that her body is able to bear pregnancy and childbirth, and that she has exceeded her second year, with the need to ascertain its strength from a physiological point of view.

common diseases in golden retriever dog

  • Dental diseases: Dental problems in Golden dogs begin to accumulate tartar on them, then inflammation of the gums and the roots of the teeth, and when ignoring dental diseases, some of them may fall, and the Golden dog may be susceptible in the future to some fatal diseases; such as liver damage, heart disease, and kidney disease.
  • Viral infections: Golden dogs are one of the types of dog breeds that are exposed to bacterial and viral infections, so the dog owner must be keen to vaccinate him in accordance with his age and present him to a veterinarian in the event of a viral disease; tuberculosis, rabies, and other diseases.
  • Obesity and obesity: Obesity is one of the problems that a Golden dog may be exposed to, which causes an imbalance in its metabolism, in the performance of the digestive system, pain in the joints and back, and a feeling of other diseases in the heart.
  • Parasites: The Golden dog is susceptible to infection with parasites of all kinds, such as worms and insects that can infect its body and its fur, including fleas, ticks, ear mites, and worms of all kinds, and may be infected with these parasites as a result of drinking unsterilized water, or as a result of playing and walking on dirt Contaminated, or due to the bite of some insects infected with it, and what poses a danger that parasites can be transmitted to a family member if the dog lives with a family.

Hereditary diseases of a golden retriever dog

  • Cancer: Cancer is one of the main reasons that golden dogs die in old age. This problem can be avoided by surgical removal or the so-called sterilization or neutering. Males have to surgically remove the testicles after being anesthetized, while females have to remove the ovaries and uterus; In order to prevent cancer, pregnancy, or the birth of unwanted small dogs, early detection of cancer is important, and it can be treated with chemical treatments, and the lumps and protrusions in the body of the Golden dog must be inspected before they develop. The types of cancers that the Golden dog is exposed to include:
    • Hemangiosarcoma: It is a rare type of tumor that affects the lining of the lymphatic vessels, and it is common in Golden dogs in the spleen, and it can form in any other organ, and this type causes internal bleeding and tumors of somewhat large size, so the dog must be examined and a procedure Blood tests every year and ultrasound done.
    • Lymphoma: Golden dogs are more susceptible to lymphoma than other breeds, this type of cancer causes the growth of abnormal lymphocytes, and white blood cells are abundant inside the dog’s body, this type of cancer can be treated with chemotherapy methods if it is discovered Early, so the Golden dog should be checked by blood tests with the need to monitor tumors such as gland tumors, and note some symptoms that the dog is exposed to, such as weight loss, difficulty breathing, or loss of appetite.
    • Mast cell carcinoma: It is a type of skin cancer that occurs in the Golden Dog, and it begins with the appearance of lumps or skin lesions, and it can be removed by surgical excision if detected at the beginning.
  • Bloating and fullness of the stomach: Usually the expansion of the stomach occurs at a certain age, when the dog suffers from bloating, or the stomach may turn on itself, and the dog may develop gas, this causes interruption of blood flow to the digestive system and spleen, and this disease is fatal very quickly if not realized At the beginning, a dog with bloating and an enlarged stomach often shows symptoms such as vomiting and anxiety.
  • Bone and joint pain: Many problems occur in the muscle and skeletal mass of the Golden Dog; Such as injury to the hips, elbows, and tissue injury, which are genetic diseases that may develop at an advanced time, and he may also develop sclerosis, and this may result in limp in his legs, or difficulty in standing or lying down.
  • Eye problems: they may cause blindness in an advanced time if not treated immediately, and some injuries may result in very painful pain, so periodic inspection of the eyes, and examinations; To avoid contracting any other diseases; Such as having darkened eye lenses, or glaucoma that may cause strabismus or yellowing of the cornea, or cause spontaneous eye tears, or redness in the white of the eye, and in advanced cases, the eye may become swollen and bloated.
  • Allergies: Golden dogs are allergic to various environmental factors; Such as pollen, or dust, and mold, and allergies begin to appear in the form of itching in the skin, abdomen, skin folds, and ears, and golden dogs get infected between one and three years, and it may get worse if not treated; The dog may resort to rubbing his face multiple times, and he may get an ear infection that may cause a foul smell to be emitted in the ears.
  • Epilepsy: Golden dogs suffer from three types of epileptic seizures, and they occur as a result of reactive seizures in the brain as a result of a number of health problems in the process of metabolism and metabolism, low blood sugar, or the failure of one of the body’s organs and functions, and some dogs may suffer secondary seizures as a result of the presence of some Tumors in the brain, or as a result of some strokes or brain trauma, and sometimes Golden dogs develop epilepsy of unknown origin, the cause of which is not known, and often this last epilepsy is a genetic condition.
  • Heart diseases: Golden dogs suffer from some heart diseases, especially aortic valve stenosis; Which results in obstructions in the blood flow to all parts of the body. This condition causes the dog to faint, lower his energy, difficulty breathing, cough frequently, or stop his body from growing. Another heart disease that afflicts is dilated cardiomyopathy, which is A heart condition that threatens the life of the dog, resulting in the inability to pump blood to all parts of the body, and this causes general weakness in the dog, fatigue, fainting, or collapse.
  • Diabetes: The Golden Dog breed is more susceptible to diabetes than other breeds; She becomes unable to regulate the metabolism and metabolism of sugar in her body, which requires taking an insulin injection daily, and it is a serious condition that poses a danger in an advanced time and its symptoms are urination several times, weight loss, and increased appetite for food.
  • Liver problems: Golden dogs may, at some point, develop a portal shunt; That is, high blood pressure in the liver, and as a result, the liver will not be able to remove toxins and excrete them due to a defect in liver function.
  • Hemophilia: It is a type of bleeding that occurs as a result of disorders in the coagulated blood, and may result in serious injuries.
  • Thyroid dysfunction: Golden dogs are prone to hypothyroidism as a result of a defect in the secretion of thyroid hormone, which results in hair loss and fur loss, and they may be susceptible to many skin diseases, weight gain, and mood and behavioral changes.

Difficulties in raising a golden retriever dog

golden retriever | All you need to know about golden dog breed
golden retriever dogs

  • Some owners of Golden dogs face difficulty in raising them as a result of not reaching maturity quickly; Some of them retain their naive personality for an advanced time of their age.
  • Gold dogs are distinguished from the age of three to four years; Excessive fun, just be fun, but it may be annoying to some, and some may retain this characteristic until they reach old age.
  • Golden dogs cannot be used for guarding because they only bark when they see some strangers, and they also do not do confrontation.
  • Golden dog's fur sheds at a certain time of the year, especially in the fall and spring, and this may be annoying to its owner, it needs to clean the clothes at home with the brush on a daily basis, and in the case of raising it at home and with the family, it may be difficult; It is necessary to clean its fur daily from the house.

  • Golden family dogs like to spend a long time with the family, leaving them alone for some hours may cause them anxiety, and this may be annoying to their owner.
  • Golden dogs are affected by many genetic diseases, so they must be taken care of and taken care of, and given special care, checked and periodic check-ups at the veterinarian.

Is the golden retriever ferocious

The Golden Dog is friendly, gentle, and fun, and is not characterized by fierceness at all; However, in some situations.
it can be more aggressive than nice, where the dog’s socialization, training method, treatment by its owner and the methods used to train it on its behavior, if it is treated in the manner of ignoring, anger or aggression, the golden dog acquires this behavior .

golden retriever dog price

The golden dog price ranges between 1000 - 3500 dollars when purchased from a good breeder, and the price of golden retriever dogs ranges about the same amount.