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how many vertebrae of the giraffe neck ?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

The number of vertebrae in the neck of a giraffe

Despite the long neck of a giraffe; However, the number of vertebrae in this neck is only seven, and like that of other creatures such as humans and mammals, and it has types of giraffes; Like the African savannah, the legs are long and slender, making them tall.

The length of the adult male reaches about 6 m, half of this length from the neck and the other half from the legs, and the giraffe has tongues with the ability to reach a distance of approximately 46 cm, which makes it easy for it to eat leaves from high-rise bushes.

how many vertebrae of the giraffe neck ?
giraffe neck

Reasons for the long neck of a giraffe

Some scholars point out that the length of the giraffe's neck is a learned thing. Where giraffes coexist with each other by grappling by striking each other's necks; Males prefer hitting their necks using their heavy skulls, so the longer the giraffe's neck, the greater the probability of winning the battle, which means its survival, reproduction and growth.

On the other hand, some scientists point out that the length of the giraffe's neck is caused by the natural instinct to compete for food; Where the giraffe lives in an environment full of animals of different types, most of which have the ability to eat different types of food and at heights lower than the length of the giraffe, so the giraffe tends to eat foods that grow at high altitudes despite its ability to eat foods with its peers other animals within Small heights, but prefer food that grows at a height of 2-4.2 m over other foods.

types of giraffes

It is known that giraffes belong to only one species, but with the light of development and research; Recent studies have indicated that there are four different types of giraffes depending on the difference in their DNA, which means that they have witnessed different developments and stages of growth through the ages, in addition to the adaptation of each within a specific environment and specific food quality over time, and these types are: the southern giraffe, and the giraffe Maasai, reticulated giraffe, and northern giraffe.

how many vertebrae of the giraffe neck ?
the giraffe

facts about giraffe

  1. The giraffe is the tallest of all mammals; Its feet are nearly 6 feet long, which is more than the length of many humans.
  2. The giraffe has the ability to run at speeds of 35 mph for short distances.
  3. The giraffe drinks water every few days; You get enough water when you eat plants.
  4. The giraffe is a standing animal. Where the giraffe sleeps standing up and gives birth during this.
  5. A baby giraffe (calf) can stand and walk an hour after it is born.
  6. Young calves are subjected to attacks that cause their death during the first months of their birth.
  7. The leather engravings of the giraffe are unique, just like the fingerprints of humans.
  8. The male giraffe uses its horns to defend and fight with other male giraffes.
  9. The giraffe sleeps 5-30 minutes a day, and this time is distributed in the form of naps ranging from one to two minutes.
  10. The giraffe makes different sounds like other animals, such as snoring and whispering.
  11. The giraffe has difficulty drinking water from ponds or ponds; Where it is forced to bend, and open the legs to be able to drink, which makes it vulnerable to attack by predators; Like the large cats that live in Africa.
  12. Most species of giraffes migrate and travel many miles in search of food and food.
  13. The giraffe can keep a close eye on different prey and animals, due to its length.
  14. Giraffes live in a vast green, grassy environment with up to 6 mates.