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Who is the flamingo bird?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

informtion about the flamingo bird

The flamingo bird family consists of five species of flamingos, which are water birds, all of them are similar in the shape of their oval bodies, and their plumage is colored pink or crimson, and they also have black feathers under their wings, most of them live flamingos in the continents of South America and Africa, and they can also be found In the islands of the Caribbean, Southwest Asia, India, Pakistan and many other places they visit, they can live in salt lakes and fresh lakes such as.

Who is the flamingo bird?
the flamingo

Flamingo bird

The flamingo, or better known as the flamingo, is one of the water birds with long, slender legs, a distinctive pink color, a long neck that can be wrapped around its body, large wings and a short tail, and the length of a flamingo.

From 90 to 150 cm, these birds can stand on one foot.

As a heron, the reason is that it works to regulate its body temperature, dry its legs, or conserve its energy, and lives in groups of hundreds of flamingos on beaches, lakes and marshes, such as the Great Lake of East Africa, and when flamingos fly they stretch their legs and neck straight and appear in a wonderful and interesting view.

In the breeding season, more than a million birds congregate in the same place to build a mud nest in shallow lakes, to lay eggs in it, and to incubate for a month or two in it.

Flamingos also feed on green and blue algae, mollusks, crustaceans and diatoms that are found in lakes, where they put their heads under water to catch food, and work to move their heads on both sides to search for food and bring it into it.

Its large beak swallows it, and there are several species of flamingos.

Like the large flamingos that live on the Atlantic coast, which are divided into Caribbean flamingos and ancient flamingos, there are Chilean flamingos and small Andean flamingos as well, the most numerous species being the small flamingos found in East Africa and India.

Who is the flamingo bird?
flamingo birds

Distinctive flamingo colour

The flamingo is distinguished by its distinctive pink color, but here is the question how do these birds get this color even though their young at hatching are a very light gray color, as scientists say that the reason for their distinctive pink color is that they eat red, blue and green algae of lakes and swamps, and these algae contain beta Carotene that contains a red-orange pigment, and when the new feathers grow on a young flamingo, it will be pink, and the degree of color depends on the amount of pigment in the flamingos eats, and if the bird stops eating food that contains carotene pigment, its color will begin to pale.