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Information about the crow bird

Hussien Shrief Mohammed


Corvids are a family of small and large birds that are black, white and brightly colored as well, and corvids are characterized by their bodies covered with feathers and rounded nostrils, some of which have a crown on top of their head and others have a long tail.

Or on the cliff, and some species can live in cages and are called cage birds and make sounds, and there are about 110 species of corvids in different regions around the world in the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia except for the island of New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean.

Information about the crow bird
crow bird

This article will provide information about the crow.

The crow bird

Information about the crow bird
the crow bird

Crows are famous for their dark black color to the eyes and beak, their sharp intelligence, their ability to adapt, and their strong voice called the squawk, which many people pessimistically despise.

cm, and the fish crow is about 48 cm long, and there is the common crow, which is one of the largest crows, with a length of about 69 cm, and the weight of the crow can reach from 337 to 1,625 grams.

Pastures, residential neighborhoods with tall trees, sea coasts, mountain forests, and woodlands, and they are carnivores.

They eat small animals, reptiles, eggs and carrion. They also eat insects, worms, nuts and grains, and they store food in their hideouts on trees.

Crows reproduce with eggs, and a pair of crows cooperate in building the nest, raising and protecting the young, and the nest is built in a place elevated from the ground about 18 meters using tree branches, threads, cloth, algae and other materials with a circumference ranging from 46 to 61 cm, and the female crow lays from 4 to 5 Eggs and incubated for about 18 days, and the male crow helps in feeding the young and taking care of them until the feathers grow on their bodies, and after about four weeks the young can leave the nest and rely on themselves to get food, and crows can live about 14 years.

Crow behavior

Information about the crow bird
crow birds

Crows are highly intelligent animals and can imitate sounds adeptly, and some know more than 100 words and up to 50 complete sentences, and can also be trained to count out loud to the number seven, and crows also behave like thieves and pickpockets by stealing everything they see shiny like car keys and covers Cans and even gold, and they cause great damage to crops and destroy them to get their food, whether it is from grains or from insects on plants such as agricultural pests, and crows live in large groups to protect each other and search for food together, and like the rest of the birds they migrate to other areas in search of warmth.