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cat diseases and how to treat them

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

The most important cat diseases and the way to treat them

Cats are among the pets that individuals love and love in homes, as they are doing not pose an excellent danger to human health and life, especially children.

Today we'll speak about the foremost important cat diseases like blindness and flu, furthermore as cat scratch fever, allow us to know thoroughly the ways to treat cats and protect them from diseases.

cat diseases and how to treat them
cat diseases

cat care

The types of food provided to them, as they prey on the dried food designated for them, which is found in cat supplies stores, and also eats meat, additionally to the likelihood of eating them from home food like eggs, cheese and a few vegetables, and there are some foods that are prohibited to produce to cats like chocolate and low, while cats need time.

The cat's appetite must be monitored from time to time, because most of the diseases it afflicts affect the cat's appetite, still as periodic follow-up with the veterinarian regarding its vaccinations and to work out its health on an ongoing basis, and now let's ask what are the foremost important cat diseases and the way to treat cats?

1- Arthritis

Arthritis is that the inability of cats to face or move as a results of the pain related to this inflammation, and its symptoms are lack of activity and high vital sign with loss of appetite, and its infection is additionally because of the age of cats or exposure to an accident or injury, while the symptoms of the disease are a shot Cats move plenty so as to induce the required heating for the joints, especially when full of this disease within the winter, when the condition of cats is harder, and that they don't seem to be ready to stand and face difficulty in this, while the treatment of this disease is anti-arthritis as recommended by doctors By avoiding giving cats any medications that contain fat-soluble vitamin, like cod liver oil, because it is taken into account a toxic substance to cats that puts their lives in danger, additionally to warming cats while they're sick and reducing their weight by providing them with healthy foods in reasonable quantities.

cat diseases and how to treat them
cat treatment

2- Blindness

It is a disease that the breeder doesn't notice greatly, as cats rely on a bunch of other senses that sings them from the sense of sight, like cat whiskers, which are considered antennas for them while walking, while in some cases some symptoms appear, like the presence of infections round the eye or a change within the internal shape of the attention, one in all the foremost important causes of this disease is advancing age and therefore the formation of blue water on the attention, and also the presence of problems within the retina like tumors or high eye pressure, and blindness will be thanks to problems within the kidneys and thyroid, while the veterinarian should be immediately visited to conduct eye examinations when discovering The disease, which consists of blood analyzes to see the causes of the disease and identify them, and therefore the breeder must make sure of the cats at this stage, where he must avoid leaving the cat from the house and keep it always inside, and may not change the places of furniture within the house or things that belong to the cat like food, drink and box to alleviate himself, which the cat may are aware of within the past, additionally to placing cats' things near him.

3- Flu

Symptoms of this disease are frequent cold, sneezing, stuffy nose with tears within the eye, and also the cat suffers from loss of appetite, lack of activity, and infections on the tongue and mouth from the within, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea are one among these symptoms, and also the treatment at that point is to scrub the nose and also the eye from these secretions through a clean cotton wet with warm water, and also the cat must be exposed to the sun on a continual basis and sit in a very well-ventilated place with cleaning his hair to urge eliminate any viruses or germs that cause him diseases, while cats are fed at this stage warm food from sardines, additionally to visiting the veterinarian to prescribe the suitable treatment for the cat, which usually contains cephalexin, which eliminates the bacteria that cause this disease, in order that the cat's condition doesn't deteriorate, which may result in dehydration and endanger his life.