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bernese mountain dog | dog breed information

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Brief on bernese mountain dog

The bernese mountain dog is one of the many dogs used on switzerland farms, and it is one of the Types of dogs in Switzerland that have long hair.

The bernese mountain dog is a large dog, with a calm and friendly disposition, in addition to being distinguished by obedience, and herding.

The bernese mountain dog comes in three colours, and is an intelligent, strong and flexible dog.

bernese mountain dog | mountain dog breed information
bernese mountain dog

The bernese mountain dog lives as a vital part of farm life, in pushing livestock, pulling wagons loaded with goods and selling them in nearby villages.

The bernese mountain dog was used as a means of transportation for farmers.

The strikingly aristocratic mountain dog is one of the most attractive Swiss working dogs, with a strong and sturdy build, friendly disposition and a soft, silky coat, with a thick undercoat, and they are cherished for being large and cuddly.

bernese mountain dog specifications


The average overall height of the bernese mountain dog breed is 76-91 cm, and the body length is 89-105 cm. A typical Bernese Mountain dog weighs between 32-52 kg, and is about 7-10 years old.

The bernese mountain dog is a large breed of mountain dog, famous for its distinctive coat colors and assistance in farms, and is one of the four (Sennenhund) breeds, known as alpine pasture dogs, and the Bernese mountain dog often led cattle through the Alpine landscape, and traction carts and agricultural equipment .

Bernese Mountain dogs are distinguished by their affectionate, calm and strong-willed nature, and they are still very popular, and are considered family dogs in German-speaking countries.

bernese mountain dog behavior


bernese mountain dogs are good-natured pets that love to be included in all aspects of family life, making them wonderful companions.

They are affectionate and patient, and are especially good with children, protecting them if needed, and they are social dogs, always with people and giving them a lot of affection.

Bernese dogs generally bark to inform the arrival of visitors, but will settle down again soon, provided they are introduced to cats and other domestic animals when they are young, with which they live happily. , but he's not particularly active, and he doesn't mind drooling.

bernese mountain dog | mountain dog breed information
mountain dog breed

bernese mountain dog history and origins

The Bernese mountain dog breed or “Berner” can be traced back to 2,000 years ago, when the Romans invaded Switzerland then known as Helvetia, with cattle drivers and guard dogs.

They could withstand the harsh Alpine weather and also soften their temperament, and Bernese Mountain dogs were often used as wagon locomotives to carry woven goods or dairy products from village to village.