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Where do peacock live and what are their types?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Where does the peacock live?

The peacock is a type of bird, which is large and colorful birds of many colors, and is considered the most beautiful bird on the globe, and is characterized by its long and arched tail.

The name of the peacock is given to the male, while the females are called Peahen.

The beautiful colors of his feathers in addition to the bright heads of the peacock draw attention to him, as he spreads his feathers back in the form of a fan, and the length of his feathers exceeds five times the length of his body, and the size of the female peacock's smaller than the male and her colors are less flashy than the male, and she does not have a row of feathers as when The male, and there are many types of peacocks in the world, and perhaps the most famous species that we often see is the blue peacock with bright and attractive colors, and it is worth mentioning that the weight of the peacock varies between

Where do peacock live and what are their types?

Peacock usually reproduces in the spring, and reaches puberty in its third year, so that it has completed the length of its tail, as it depends on its tail to attract females, and then the male peacock displays his attractive feathers and makes sounds to attract furniture.

Female, about 2-5 females, and the female lays between four and six eggs at a time, then the egg hatches after a month, and the young remain with their mother for four months, and their growth is completed between 8-10 months.

Types of peacocks and the places where they live

The peacock lives for a period of 15-20 years, and the places where the peacock lives varies according to its types, and the following are the types of peacocks in the world and the places where they live:

1- Indian peacock

It is known as the blue peacock, and it is the most famous among the peacock species, and its original home is India, Sri Lanka and some parts of East Asia. Or blue and short tail.

2- green peacock

The green peacock is native to the island of Java in Indonesia, in Southeast Asia, so it is called the Javanese peacock. which is superior to the female.

3- white peacock

It results from the mating of the blue peacock and the green peacock, which is a bird hybrid by humans, and does not spread widely, so it is the most expensive, and lives in India and Australia, and when it breeds, it does not produce a white peacock due to the lack of white pigment in it, and is characterized by its brutal and offensive behavior.

4-Congo peacock

It is a recent discovery, as it was discovered in the state of the Congo in Africa, so it was attributed to its homeland, which is similar to the blue peacock and the green peacock, but its tail is shorter than their tail.

Where do peacock live and what are their types?
the peacock

Facts about the peacock

  1. The peacock's tail changes colors when it moves due to the reflection of light on it.
  2. Peacocks eat flowers, seeds, insects, and leftovers.
  3. It is one of the largest birds, with a length of 7.5 feet, with a female length of 86 cm.
  4. It is a cowardly bird, as it hides in the event of danger.
  5. Its tail represents 60% of its total length.
  6. His voice is unpleasant.
  7. The choice of partner for female peacocks depends on the length of its tail.
  8. The male peacock uses his tail to attract females.
  9. The peacock has a strong body, with sharp claws, strong feet, and sharp eyesight.
In India, it is classified as an agricultural pest because it damages agricultural crops there.