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How many eyes does a spider have?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed


They belong to the phylum Arthropods, which is one of the largest animal phyla, and they are not insects, but rather animals that depend on eating insects for their food, and therefore they have a great role in controlling the numbers of insects scattered on the surface of the earth.

One of the characteristics of spiders is that they produce silk, which they set up as a hunting trap for their prey.

How many eyes does a spider have?
spider eyes

Types of spiders

  • Trapdoor spiders: the female lives on it for a long period of up to 25 years, unlike the males, whose life span does not exceed 7 years. As for the size, the size of the female is similar to the size of the male. The colour of the female is very dark brown and the male is dark brown. It is noted that this type of spider, its body covered with fur, has poisonous glands on the lower side of its fangs.
  • Dewdrop spiders: This species is found in all countries in the world.
  • Sand spiders: Most of them live in the southern desert of Africa, and what distinguishes these spiders is their ability to change their colour to match the colour of the sand and protect themselves by burying their heads in the sand and staying still. Sand spiders are 14 cm long and have six eyes.

Spider body

When observing the bodies of insects, we see that their bodies are made up of three sections, while the bodies of spiders are divided into two parts:

  • The first section :contains the head, chest, eyes, and stomach, in addition to the mouth.
  • The second section : is the abdomen, which is characterised by containing the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems, in addition to the heart.

Through their various research and studies in arachnology, experts were able to identify more than 45 thousand species of spiders, the smallest of which is The largest spider is a bird-eating type and falls under the tarantula group. Scientists have also concluded that spiders can tear prey with their strong jaws, and that spiders have simple eyes that vary in number according to the type of spider. As for the number of their legs, they are eight, and the distance between each two opposite legs is approximately 30 cm. As for their danger to humans, a few of them are poisonous, such as the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider.

How many eyes does a spider have?

The number of spider eyes

Most spiders differ in the number of their eyes according to their type, and most have eight eyes, and a few have six eyes, and some have four eyes, or only two eyes, and some do not have eyes at all, such as those that live in dark places such as caves, and depend on catching their prey by feeling the vibrations close to it and the sense of smell without the need to see.

The hunter spider, as it is known scientifically, is an example of this type of spider.

It was found in a cave in the Republic of Laos by a scientist at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt am Main. And this spider's lack of a sense of sight is a kind of ecological adaptation to the ability to live in dark places.

The fact that spiders do not have a neck that enables them to move and turn around to watch what is around them is the reason for the multiplicity of eyes in most spiders.

The function of the eyes of spiders varies according to their species.

Jumping spiders have central eyes that help them recognise and distinguish shapes.

As for the type of spider called the archer, its eyes around its head help it know the location of its prey and hunt it accurately.

The eyes of spiders are classified into primary eyes that contain pigments in the areas close to the lens of the eye and are very sensitive to light, whereas secondary eyes, in which the pigments are far from the lens of the eye.

Spiders also have lateral front eyes that have a high ability to see.

It is noted in spiders that have eight eyes that they are arranged in two rows, one in front that includes four eyes and the same number in the back row.

The eight eyes are two pairs of primary eyes located in the middle of the front row, and the other six eyes are the secondary eyes.

How many feet does a spider have?

How many eyes does a spider have?
spider feets

The spider has eight legs, and it should be noted that each leg of the spider consists of seven parts that end with claws that differ according to different types of spiders.

Spiders use hydraulic pressure to move their legs, and spiders have muscle tissue in their joints at three hips, where spiders can rely on muscles or hydraulic pressure or Both are to generate the energy needed for movement and jumping, and most spiders rely on claws when hunting, as there are thick and thin tufts between the spider's fingers.

as these tufts allow spiders to walk upside down on the glass and ceiling, and spiders use their legs to catch a variety of prey, while using Some species of hairy spiders use their legs to protect themselves by throwing hairs at their attackers' bodies.

What are the most dangerous types of spiders?

After answering the question posed about how many men have a spider, we will talk about the most dangerous types of spiders, as it cannot be sure that all spiders have the same danger.

as a small percentage of the types of spiders that can be life-threatening have been discovered, and among the most dangerous types of spiders are the following:

  • Yellow cystic spider:This type of spider is 3–15 mm long, toxic to humans, and is often found indoors.
  • Brazilian wandering spider: These spiders are also known as banana spiders because they are commonly found on banana leaves, and they have toxins specific to the nervous system.
  • Wolf spider: Some types of wolf spider can grow to a length of about 2.5 cm. These spiders live in different parts of the world, and the wolf spider is usually brown.
  • Black widow spider: The body length of the black widow spider is about 2.5 cm, and these spiders are widely distributed in North America.
  • Red widow spider: These spiders are distinguished by the presence of a red mark on the lower abdomen; they are found in central and southern Florida.

Why do most spiders have many eyes?

There must be a number of direct reasons why God created the eight eyes of a spider that scientists were able to access after observing this small animal and studying its characteristics, and the following is an explanation of these reasons:

  • The eyes allow spiders to see clearly and in color, and to see ultraviolet rays that are invisible to humans, which in turn allows them to find and pounce on prey in their fishing net.
  • Secondary eyes are used to enhance the role of primary eyes, allowing spiders to detect movement and respond to and locate predators.
  • The front and side eyes allow spiders to see more widely and allow them to respond to rapid changes that require a sudden attack or defense.
  • The spiders' multiple eyes are key to their survival, as many of their enemies fear the sight of their many eyes of different sizes, giving them time to hide and escape.
  • The eyes on the front of the spider's head serve as a warning that something is blocking its path.

How many eyes does a spider have?

What are the types of spider eyes?

  • Diurnal spiders can see light during the day and have excellent vision without relying on smells or vibrations to locate objects, and these spiders are distinguished by their ability to jump after using their lateral and central eyes.
  • Wolf spiders often hunt at dusk or late at night with bright moonlight, and their four back eyes are very cat-like, very sensitive to low-intensity light, and reflect brightly when you strike them.
  • Web spiders have large back eyes, which are very effective at seeing in low light, and each night their eyes produce a new light-sensitive film that destroys itself in the morning. These spiders are called ghoul spiders because of their large eyes and fearsome appearance.