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Secrets and information about Himalayan cats

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

information about Himalayan cats

The well-known domestic cats are among the domesticated animals descended from the feline family, and are characterized by being the smallest species belonging to this family, and they are among the animals that feed mainly on meat.

Secrets and information about Himalayan cats
Himalayan cat

These animals are characterized by their relatively small bodies and long tails that help them in the balance process, in addition to their specialized teeth and claws.

Which helps them adapt to the daily life of hunting, and one of the most important characteristics of these cats is their motor speed and strength, and these cats also enjoy their softness, friendliness, and cleanliness of their bodies.

which made them one of the best pets that humans own, and in the following, we will talk about one of these types of cats, which is cats Himalayas.

Himalayan cats

Himalayan cats are also known as the Persian Himalayas or the Persian Siamese cats, and they are one of the types of long-haired cats that can be bred indoors as pets.

Cats are significantly associated with Persian cats, except for having blue eyes and different hair color patterns at the ends, and there are some types of Himalayan cats that are characterized by their large, round eyes with the skin of the nose directly between the eyes, and these cats are characterized by their full bodies with short legs, where these cats lack a The possibility of jumping high like other types of cats, they are animals with a low level of activity, and the use of these cats has entered the cinematic culture, where the Himalayan cats have participated in many films and series.

How to identify Himalayan cats

Secrets and information about Himalayan cats
Himalayan cat

After talking about Himalayan cats, we will learn how to identify this type of cat. The Himalayan cat can be identified by identifying the physical characteristics of this cat and identifying some of its behavioral characteristics. In the following, we will talk about these physical and behavioral characteristics:

1- Physical properties

  • Himalayan cats have round heads, large, round eyes, plump cheeks, and rounded paws. It has many short parts; such as the nose, ears, neck and tail.
  •  They have very distinctive coats, they are long and thick with a very soft sheen and feel, in addition to their bushy tails.
  •  They differ in the colors of their coats; Some are white in color and some take some shades of pale brown, but usually the color of each of the cats' tails, faces and ears varies.
  • They are not small in size compared to some other types of domestic cats, as males of these cats weigh more than 12 pounds, while the weight of females ranges between 8 to 12 pounds.

2- Behavioral characteristics

  • Himalayan cats are very calm animals, they are very friendly and lovable, and they prefer to sit in the arms of humans, so they are usually preferred by cat lovers, and despite this, they do not need much attention, they like to play alone.
  • She does not prefer to be on high surfaces, as she prefers relatively low surfaces, as she cannot climb or jump, and the reason for this is because her legs are short, as she prefers to sit on chairs and sofas instead of high shelves and platforms.
  • They are not considered very active and energetic animals, they prefer to sit quietly and still, but sometimes these cats can have large amounts of energy, and these cats are also known to imitate some of the movements of their owners.

How to take care of Himalayan cats ?

Secrets and information about Himalayan cats
Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats, like all other domestic animals, need a lot of daily care and cleaning. :

Himalayan cat food 

High-quality food must be provided for these cats, as the diet of these cats should consist mainly of meat, and a regular feeding schedule must also be established for them, as the quantities of food that these cats feed on must be calculated, and then divided into two meals during the day, and the amount of food depends Which must be presented to the Himalayan cat on its weight, and fresh water must be provided at all times and placed in an easily accessible place, and this water must be changed at least once a day, and it is also possible to provide some snacks for this animal, but these must be Meals are limited to maintain the appropriate weight for the cat.

Himalayan cat grooming

A stainless steel comb or wire brush should be used to trim the cat's fur daily, and the brush should be brushed on a daily basis as well, and a cat's nails can be trimmed once every several weeks using a pet grooming tool, and the Himalayan cat's teeth should be cleaned almost on a daily basis to prevent infection Any serious dental problems, and it is preferable to give the Himalayan cat a bath on a daily basis to keep its fur clean, and the fur of these cats must be trimmed every period when needed to maintain its general cleanliness.

Himalayan cat health care

Veterinary medicine helps in taking care of Himalayan cats, by taking some vaccinations and periodically conducting comprehensive physical examinations.

as it must be ensured that these cats do not have leukemia, and attention should be paid to these cats if they begin to suffer from some breathing difficulties, as they must Take her to the vet quickly in this case

Himalayan cats and their diseases

Himalayan cats are gentle, intelligent and sociable animals, and because of their descent from Siamese cats, they tend to be more active than Persian cats.

but these cats rely heavily on humans for companionship and protection, they are among the cats eager for affection, as these cats love To be raised and cared for.

Some Himalayan cats have the gene that causes polycystic kidney disease because they are of Persian origin.