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Get to know the weasel animal

Hussien Shrief Mohammed
The weasel is classified as one of the rodents, such as mice, and lives on all continents of the world except for the continents of Australia and the frozen Antarctic, which is relatively smaller than the animals of other species.

Get to know the weasel animal
The weasel

The weasel is characterised by graceful, slightly thin, and very flexible bodies. It is a very active animal, and its steps are fast, and its length is about 20 centimeters.

The body is rectangular to a large extent, and its thickness varies from the head to the back of the body, except remarkably little.

Its limbs are short and slender, there is hair between its fingers, and it is equipped with thin, pointed claws that are very sharp.

Weasel animal

  • Scientific classification

The weasel family, or weasel family, or the frog family, according to different names, is a family belonging to the order of carnivores of the mammalian family, and it includes the smallest animals of this rank, which are relatively smaller than the animals of other families, such as dogs, cats, and bears, and the animals of these are distinguished by the color white.

The family has a long body and relatively short limbs, and it is good at climbing with high skill, and its feet have sharp claws, but they do not retract like the claws of cats.

but rather slip outside, and the weasel feeds mainly on rodents, and hunts them inside or outside their burrows.

  • The scientific name

The scientific name for the weed is Mustela.

weasel description

Get to know the weasel animal
the weasel

The weasel follows the carnivorous family, and the weasel is characterised by graceful, slightly thin, and very flexible bodies. He does not notice.

His limbs are short and thin, and there is hair between his fingers, and they are equipped with thin pointed claws and very sharp.

The tail is short, starts thick and then becomes thicker to the tip, and the nose is blunt in the middle of a rectangular slit.

The ears are wide and round, and the eyes are small but strong looking.

The fur is medium length, smooth, covering the whole body, with thick eyelashes in front of the eye and above it, the hair colour is slightly reddish-brown, and the colour of the upper lip and the lower parts is white.

Most weasels have fur on their backs and sides that is brown, red-brown, or yellowish-brown. At the same time, they have fur on their lower parts, and their colour is white, yellowish, or tan.

In winter, the weasel fur, which lives In cold Asian climates, it turns white except for the tail, which is speckled with black, and this white colour provides camouflage on the ice.

Types of weasel 

  1. Egyptian weasel
  2. Amazon weasel
  3. Mountain weasel
  4. Short-tailed weasel
  5. Steppe weasel.
  6. The Colombian weasel
  7. Long-tailed weasel
  8. ferret
  9. Japanese weasel
  10. A yellow-bellied weasel
  11. You are European.
  12. Indonesian weasel
  13. Black-footed weasel
  14. little weasel
  15. Malaysian weasel
  16. European weasel
  17. Siberian weasel
  18. Back striped with weasel.

The nature of the life of the weasel

Get to know the weasel animal
the weasel

  • The home of the weasel

The weasel is found in flat areas, in the mountains, in the open, in the forests, and in isolated and inhabited places, as there is hardly any place without it.

This is because he knows how to adapt himself to the requirements of the surrounding environment, and in each of them he finds a small, well-fortified hideout, sheltering from enemies.

It can be a den in a tree hollow, or sometimes among rocks, or dilapidated walls, or under a collapsed cliff, or in burrows of mice, but in the winter it resorts to granaries, warehouses, barns, rooftops, and others in villages and cities.

The weasel does not spend the winter in hibernation inside burrows under the ice, as some other rodents do; to resist the cold, he grows very thick winter fur; sometimes he hunts food in his hole, and builds a nest using the fur or feathers of his prey; and the weasel becomes active day or night in the far north of Egypt; the weasel is widely distributed in Egypt from the north of the delta to the south of the

  • The proliferation of the weasel

The weasel does not have a specific mating period, and the female carries it for about five weeks, lays four or five at a time, and hides it underground. In the years when prey is abundantly available, the weasel has two sets of young.

  • Weasel feeding

It is very daring, but not fearless, as it attacks small mammals boldly, and the weasel has a strong sense of smell and a sharp sense of sight, and has a surprising strength for its size, as it preys on mice and squirrels, and it bites the prey, usually in the neck, or at the bottom of the skull, and eats the son of weasels' slender bodies can easily penetrate into rat holes, rock crevices, and squirrels' nests, and weasels often invade farms, killing those chickens have more than they need for their food, and as a result, many farmers are hostile to the weasel even though it kills the farm insects.

Get to know the weasel animal
the weasel

Catching the weasel

It usually comes out at night to search for its food, but it may also come out during the day.

Although these animals are the smallest types of carnivores, they are very bold and daring, not fearless, as they attack small mammals boldly.

It preys on mice and squirrels, and it usually bites the prey in the neck, or at the bottom of the skull, and the weasel also eats earthworms, insects, frogs, lizards, rabbits, flies, snakes, birds, and the slender body of the weasel can easily penetrate into the burrows of mice, cracks in rocks, and squirrels' nests, and weasels often overrun farms, killing more chickens than they need for food.

As a result, many farmers become hostile towards weasel, even though it kills farm insects.

Because of its superior ability to get rid of large numbers of chicks, one weed can suck the blood of more than a hundred chicks per day, and the Egyptian popular proverb "He who is afraid of the weasel does not raise chicks" expresses the extent of the fear of this small animal, whose body is graceful and fast, and as a result, poultry get terrified when they see it, and the Egyptian weasel attacks mice severely and is responsible for eliminating a high percentage

Weasel bite

The bite of a bitch is poisonous, and the person who is bitten by a bitch has to go to the emergency room immediately to get the protective serum.

What does the weasel do with gold?

Al-Qazwini said about the weasel in the wonders of creatures and the strangeness of beings:

The weasel is a delicate, long animal:

"It is called in Persian Rasu, and it is the enemy of the mouse, entering and taking it out of its hole; it loves and steals ornaments and jewels; and it is hostile to the crocodile and the snake".

Al-Damiri said about her in the life of the animal:

"And I think it is the animal called the dal, but its colour and fur differ according to the country, and in its nature, it steals what it finds of silver or gold, as the mouse does, and perhaps the mouse is accustomed to it; so he killed him, but the mouse’s fear of the cat is greater than his fear of it, and it is very common in the homes of the people of Egypt".

Frequently asked questions about weasel

1- How do I expel the weasel?
  • Use of an electric shock device

The electric shock device distributes shocks inside the car, causing the vehicle to flee.

  • Use a sticky trap
Get to know the weasel animal
the weasel

You can eliminate the bug with a sticky trap, which is similar to a mousetrap.

  • Bring sugar and gypsum to

You will suffocate and die as a result of eating the gypsum, but this is not one of the preferred methods.

  • Lamp lighting

All you have to do is light a lamp of light, because the weasel is afraid of lights.

2- Does a weasel harm a person?

The game usually takes some prey in the neck, or at the bottom of the skull, and feeds on its flesh, or it can be satisfied with its blood.

3- What are you afraid of a weasel?

The weasel can bite a human, which transmits many diseases to him.

The weasel is one of the fiercest small creatures. Therefore, a person should beware of the weasel.

4- What do you fear for the weasel?

The weasel is afraid of birds of prey, such as hawks, eagles, and crows, and is also afraid of humans. He is one of the worst enemies of the weasel, and the weasel secretes a foul-smelling liquid when it is threatened or attacked.

5- Is the weasel animal threatened with extinction?

Get to know the weasel animal
the weasel

Yes, the weasel has already begun to become extinct, and it has been added to the Red List.

Some species have become extinct as a result of deforestation and deforestation.

As a result of their significantly reduced numbers, such as: Japanese weasel, Colombian weasel.

6- Does the weasel eat rabbits?

Yes, weasel eat rabbits; Rabbits are among the favorite prey for the weasel.