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What do you know about the squirrel and where it lives?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed


The squirrel is classified among the mammals, the rank of rodents, as rodents include many types of animals, amounting to more than forty percent of the types of mammals.

One of the primitive rodents that spread all over the world, and it has 42 genera and about 260 species, and it is classified within the group of domestic animals.

What do you know about the squirrel and where it lives?

black squirrel

The black squirrel belongs to the Oral family of animals that live in tropical forests with a temperate climate, which lies between Nepal and Burma and extends to Malaysia and the East Indies in addition to the Bali and Java regions. Yellowish underside.

Oriental jet-grey melanic black squirrel

What do you know about the squirrel and where it lives?
Gray melanic black squirrel

The black squirrel is one of the various types of squirrels that is distinguished by its black skin and black fur, but do these squirrels exist naturally or are they formed by a certain action or by a certain phenomenon? Where the phenomenon of the presence of a black squirrel is a phenomenon that occurs for some types of squirrels, including the eastern gray squirrel.

 the melanistic jet squirrel, and the fox squirrel, as this phenomenon occurs due to an abnormal gene that caused its coloring, but the reason for the appearance of this gene and the coloring is not actually known, and they are just theories that exist to explain This phenomenon, and among these theories, is that the reason is that these squirrels appear largely in cold regions such as Canada and the United States as a result of adapting to cold temperatures, and it is believed that the reason for the coloring is a genetic error caused by the deletion of 24 points of the melanocortin 1 (MC1R) gene. 

This faulty gene was then passed on to eastern gray squirrels due to the frequent mating.

Where are the black squirrels?

Black squirrels are found with their non-melanic counterparts in the regions of Canada and the United States, as the phenomenon of black squirrels is concentrated in the northern part around the Great Lakes, and this phenomenon also occurs in the southeastern parts.

 specifically the southeastern United States, but black is not a common color in These areas, but black squirrels are considered the most in the Canadian province of Ontario in addition to the US state of Michigan.

Squirrel characteristics

What do you know about the squirrel and where it lives?
squirrel eating

  • It is characterized by its streamlined body and long tail, which is approximately equal to the length of its body, which is covered with thick hair, and it has soft and silky fur that varies in color from one squirrel to another, including red, white and brown, and they are known as red squirrels, including gray, black or white gray.
  • Their sizes vary between the size of rats and the size of cats, and their weight ranges between 200-500g.

  • It has two large and wide eyes in the front of the head, and its retina is characterized by high sensitivity that makes it sharp to see, which helps it perceive enemies from a distance.
  • The front ends of the squirrel have four toes, and the hind limbs have five, and the hind limbs are usually longer and stronger than the front limbs. It jumps between trees, aided by its light weight and long tail.

squirrel breeding

Squirrels reproduce by birth, and give birth approximately twice a year, and the spring and early summer period is the main period for reproduction, the gestation period lasts between 38-40 days, and the number of fetuses ranges between 3-7 each time.

 A year from her birth, and her life span is estimated at about 10-12 years, and it can extend to 18 years.

Squirrel types and habitats

What do you know about the squirrel and where it lives?

The squirrel lives in different environments and in many places around the world, differing in its livelihood, food, and adaptation in the environment in which it is located, and its main types are:

  • Gray squirrels: They are gray in color, live in eastern and western North America, in forests planted with pine and oak, and this species is characterized by long hair on top of its ears.
  • Red squirrels: They are red in color and their feet are white. They live in coniferous forests, and are characterized by not sleeping throughout the winter.
  • Ground squirrels: yellow or gray with white stripes, they live in ground burrows in western and northern North America, and spend the winter in hibernation.
  • Tree squirrels: They live in forest trees, and there are 55 species of tree squirrels. They search for their food during the day. They are found in black, red, brown and black colors, and they make annoying sounds if they are hurt.
  • Golden squirrels: golden in color, and characterized by being small in size, they are found in the tundra and extensive pine forests in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Douglas squirrels: They are found in coniferous forests in Britain and California. They store food in large quantities to eat in the winter.
  • American squirrels: They are found in the forests of eastern USA and southeastern Canada, live in ground burrows, and are characterized by the presence of small bags to transport food to the burrows. 

  • Flying squirrels: They live largely in the tropical forests of North America, and they are able to fly due to the presence of leathery wings between their tips.
  • Giant grizzly squirrel: It is the smallest of the giant squirrels. It lives in the regions of Ufa and Sri Lanka, and in the riverine forests that extend on the Kaveri River, and Kerala in southern India, and is threatened with extinction due to hunting.
  • Asian squirrel: Known as the tricolor, it lives in the forests of the Thai, Malaysian, and Sumatra peninsulas, and feeds on nuts, seeds, buds and flowers.