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What are the types of persian cats?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Persian cat types

Today we will learn about the types of Persian cats, as they belong to one of the mammals of the cat family, and are distinguished by their great ability to hunt and prey, but they do not pose a real danger to humans; Due to their small size, and characterized by their great ability to see in the dark, it must be noted that they love cleanliness, so they usually lick their fur to clean it, as there are many types of them, including the Persian cats, which we love. In this article, I present to you their types.

What are the types of Persian cats?
Persian cat

The face of the moon

It is the most common type of Persian cat, and it is characterized by many characteristics, including: its wide and round eyes, its long and pointed ears, its abundant hair that fills its body without its neck, its small and slightly raised nose, in addition to its square face, and its long legs.


These cats are a mixture of Persian and Siamese cats, so they have a distinctive shape; It has wide and spaced blue eyes, small and pointed ears, and an 8-shaped mouth, in addition to its short legs, short tail, relatively small body, thick hair, and the color of its limbs is darker than the rest of its body, and it must be noted that it is one of the lazy cats, so it needs a lot Of caring and caring.

fickle face

This type of cat is characterized by all the previous characteristics of other types of Persian cats, except that it differs in the color of its indeterminate eyes, and its The nose is flat at eye level, so it is one of the most expensive types of cats.

half becky

This type of cat results from a cross between a Mon Face and a Peaky Face, so it is called the Half Peky, and is distinguished by its nose below eye level, its eyes that are round and not widely spaced, and its mouth shaped like an 8.

countries crowned

Doll Face cats have characteristics that combine the characteristics of Mon Face and Peaky Face, but they are very close to the shape and characteristics of Mon Face, but their limbs are shorter than Mon Face.

How to take care of Persian cats

How to take care of Persian cats
take care of Persian cats

  1. Do not neglect cats. Refusal to provide food and drink to them can lead to death.
  2. Pay attention to her psychological state and consider her a family member.
  3. keeping it clean by washing it with a bar of soap instead of shampoo; Because soap contains stronger chemicals than shampoo, in order to get rid of germs, it is also necessary to keep away from water getting into her ear; to avoid killing her.
  4. visit the vet every now and then and vaccinate her; to prevent her from getting sick.
  5. caress and caress her; Because it tends to play and riot, to draw the attention of its owner to share the play with her.
  6. refrain from harming or provoking them; To avoid becoming more aggressive.
  7. Teach her to sleep in the place allotted to her.