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Is eating bones harmful to dogs?

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Dogs are always associated with eating bones, whether in documentaries or through photos that breeders of these pets share among themselves on social media. But have you ever wondered if eating bones is bad for dogs?

Eating bones is widespread among dogs living in the street, as the poor woman eats bones because she often does not find anything to eat.

Is eating bones harmful to dogs?
dog eats bones

The US Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that eating bones causes serious health problems for dogs and does not encourage dog breeders to give their pet bones in order to maintain their health.

Whereas, domestic dogs do not need to eat bones by virtue of the fact that ready-made food and eating the house they love are available to them in abundance.

Is eating bones harmful to dogs?

Is eating bones harmful to dogs?
dog eat bone

Yes, unfortunately, eating bones is harmful to dogs of all kinds, small and large, although some specialists assert that the bones have some nutritional benefits, but in general it is considered more harmful than beneficial.

  • Broken teeth, yes eating bones causes a lot of damage to the teeth, especially the incisors.
  • Choking, eating bones may cause suffocation because the bone may get stuck in the windpipe.
  • Constipation Constipation is a common problem in dogs that eat bones because bone fragments make removal difficult and often impossible.
  • Injury to the tongue and gums is one of the most common damage caused by eating bones, and in the event of a wound, a veterinarian should be visited quickly.
  • Puncture of the intestine or stomach because most of the bones are very sharp like a razor blade.

Tips for dog owners

There are fake bones sold in stores that contain calcium and are healthy and safe for your dog. It could also make up for his desire to crush and devour real bones.

There are also bone toys that can act as fake bones, and because most of them are made of rubber, they are very safe.

These toys can satisfy his desire to eat real bones.