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3 types of birds suitable for your children

Hussien Shrief Mohammed

Here are 3 types of birds suitable for children

If your child insists on bringing a bird home, tell him that he must do his homework. First, there are a lot of things to consider before you bring a bird home, including care requirements such as eating and noise level in the house because birds are very affected by it.

3 types of birds suitable for your children
birds suitable for your children

But most importantly, you must take into account the extent of the bird's compatibility with children so in this matter We will give you 3 types of birds suitable for children.

1. Sparrows

3 types of birds suitable for your children - Sparrows
3 types of birds suitable for your children - Sparrows

Sparrows and canaries occupy the first place on the list, because this type is easy to take care of, and it has a wonderful shape and a wonderful voice that makes it able to sing wonderful melodies. In addition, this type of bird is not usually interested in interacting with humans, so if you decide to acquire it, be sure to acquire two or more so that it does not get bored due to the lack of companionship.

Moreover, some people train their birds outside cages, but nevertheless, the breeder of this type of bird should not leave them outside for long. So, if your child wants a bird that he can interact with, consider getting a parrot or cockatiel instead of birds, because the latter are very sensitive and require kindness and caution while dealing with them.

2- Parrot

3 types of birds suitable for your children - Parrot
3 types of birds suitable for your children - Parrot

Parrot, this colorful object would bring a lot of joy and fun to your child, because this wonderful bird has many features, in addition to its beautiful shape, it is easy to take care of, and you can teach it to talk easily, in addition to that it has a nice and friendly personality, and often They are closely related to their owners.

So the parrot is definitely the wonderful friend of your child, but it remains classified among the small and sensitive birds, so you must teach your child how to deal with it.

As for the diet: The parrot requires a healthy and balanced diet full of leafy greens and some grains and seeds. Note: A whole grain diet is completely unhealthy.

The parrot lives from 5 to 10 years, and a healthy diet plays a major role in its longevity, so the breeder likes to take into account his diet.

3- Cockatiel

3 types of birds suitable for your children - Cockatiel
3 types of birds suitable for your children - Cockatiel

This bird is characterized by its large size compared to a parrot or a sparrow, but it remains one of the best birds that you can have for your child, like a parrot, this bird has the ability to talk, and can whistle as well, and can learn to perform many tricks. Another advantage of this bird is that you can keep it outside the cage for a long time. But it may cost you a little effort to take care of it compared to sparrows or parrots, so choose a cockatiel for your child in case he wants a bird or wants to gain more knowledge about birds.

Some of the tasks that you must do when acquiring this type of bird are: providing a balanced diet (not based on grains only) and drinking fresh water, in addition to making sure to clean the cage daily, and you must also make sure that you are manipulating your bird and interacting with it enough .

Although your child may need supervision in order to take care of a cockatiel, your child has a lot to learn from this wonderful bird.

There are many cockatiels available for adoption, just contact an adoption center near you and they will tell you how to choose the right bird for you and your child.

In the end, birds are very sensitive animals that we need to take care of through diet and so on, and not all foods may be good for them.

In this article, we learned about 3 types of birds that are suitable for children, and you, my friends, do you have other types that you think are suitable for children?